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Luce Del Sole


The Luce del sole collection was born from the warm touch of sunrise and the enchantment of sunset, drawing inspiration for Wabi Sabi. This collection is a journey that reflects the purest and most elegant moments of nature through unique designs.

The miracle of nature awakening with the first rays of sunlight inspires the Luce del sole collection. As the first sunlight gently caresses the earth, it represents the vitality that continues its path illuminated by the brilliance of the day. This collection is a tribute to those pure and inspiring moments of nature.

In each piece, Wabi Sabi's quality stands out. Carefully selected materials allow each design to tell its own unique story. The craftsmanship shines through in every stitch and detail. This collection is not merely clothing; it is an art form.

Luce del sole reflects the respect for nature's unique beauty and the transient nature of life. Drawing inspiration from the romantic colors of sunset, these pieces challenge the complexity and chaos of life while offering simplicity and inner peace. This collection serves as a reminder to appreciate the value of every moment and to live together.

Wabi Sabi's Luce del sole collection is more than just a clothing choice; it is a way of life. We invite you to embrace the magic of nature and the power of unique designs. This collection inspires those who seek to bring meaning into their lives and live each moment to the fullest.

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Drawn from the boundless blue depths of the sea and the captivating colors of seafaring, Wabi Sabi has created the Sailor collection. This collection embarks on a journey into the enchanting world of the sea, featuring unique designs inspired by the legacy of old seafarer attire.

The Sailor collection takes inspiration from the depths of the ocean, while also highlighting the Wabi Sabi signature through embroidered motifs reminiscent of shimmering stars on the sea's surface. It serves as a memento that captures the infinite expanse of the sea and the vitality of life.

Each piece accentuates Wabi Sabi's commitment to quality. Carefully selected materials and intricate craftsmanship allow every design to tell its own distinctive story. The collection is not merely clothing, but a part of a seafaring adventure.

While paying homage to the mystical realm of the sea, the Sailor collection also reflects the spirit of traditional seafarer garments. Adorned with collar details, the clothing speaks of the whispers of the sea breeze and the tales of the waves. This collection inspires those who seek to embrace the romance and adventure of seafaring.

Wabi Sabi's Sailor collection is more than just a choice of clothing; it is a lifestyle. We invite you to immerse yourself in the enchantment of the sea, the warmth of cashmere's touch, and the power of unique designs. This collection offers inspiration to those who yearn to surrender themselves to the cool waters of the sea.

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Wabi Sabi X  Muse Art



We are delighted to share with you our collaboration, the Wabi Sabi x Muse Art Gallery collection, which bridges the worlds of art and fashion, showcasing our creativity and passion.

Every day, as we create art on watercolor papers and canvases, we thought, "Why not see our art on a fabric in the iconic color of Muse Art Gallery?" Combining Wabi Sabi's unique designs with our art, we have brought together the realms of art and fashion. Each piece in our collection has thrilled us from the design stage to its production. We hope that you, too, will carry them with the same excitement!

This collection offers you the opportunity to carry and embrace art. Each piece tells a story, not just as clothing or accessories, but as a work of art. Astronomical patterns represent the mysterious stars of the deep sky and the vastness of the universe, blended with the delicate touches of Wabi Sabi, creating a distinctive appearance.

While designing this collection, we not only built a bridge between art and fashion but also infused the essence of Wabi Sabi philosophy into each piece. Wabi Sabi's philosophy embraces the beauty of the natural, the value of impermanence, and the acceptance of flaws, emphasizing the uniqueness and originality of each item.

We hope that while wearing this collection, you will feel the captivating fusion of art and fashion. Through these pieces that bring out your creativity and uniqueness, we aimed to add a new meaning to your life, allowing you to experience art and beauty in every moment.

The collaboration between Wabi Sabi and Muse Art Gallery offers you an experience beyond mere garments. By uniting the universal power of art with fashion, we have transformed each piece into a work of art. This collection, brimming with stories in every detail, will open the doors to a new world every time you wear, look at, or touch it.

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Masculine Elegance


Wabi Sabi created the Masculine Elegance collection, inspired by the slow-rising morning sun over the skyscrapers of a modern city. As the lights in the offices flickered on and off, women sought inspiration from Wabi Sabi's new collection, searching for elegance and originality in the workplace. The brand offers a fresh style experience for women, drawing inspiration from men's silhouettes and oversized designs.

Carefully crafted with high-quality fabrics, the ensembles in the collection stand out with their delicate details and unique cuts. Each piece is designed with modern lines that boldly reflect a masculine style. Oversized jackets provide women with comfort and freedom, while elegant trousers empower them with a strong presence.

The collection allows women to express their own style while maintaining a chic and professional look in the office. The masculine cuts instill confidence and strength in women, while the intricate details and carefully selected color palette add a touch of elegance to the collection.

With the Wabi Sabi collection, each woman reflects her unique style. It offers the opportunity to achieve different levels of originality and sophistication every day through various combinations. This collection has been meticulously designed to instill strength and confidence in women by drawing inspiration from men's silhouettes and oversized ensembles in the workplace.


Forza Della Donna


The story begins with a captivating sunrise. WABISABI focused on highlighting the uniqueness and inner power of women while creating "Forza Della Donna" collection. Each piece is designed to crown a woman's self-belief and courage.

Quality and comfort take the spotlight in our collection. Carefully selected fabrics, elegant details, and bold cuts elevate a woman's self-confidence in every piece. Our collection, where colors dance, offers various cuts that suit every body type.

While believing that women are flawless, WABISABI celebrates their imperfections, accentuating their beauty. "Forza Della Donna" collection brings forth the individuality and uniqueness of each woman, providing them with an opportunity to discover and express their own power.

The strength of a woman is felt in every stitch of our collection. Each design reflects the fire, perseverance, and elegance within her. This collection serves as a reminder of a woman's strength, offering support at every step and celebrating her distinctive beauty.

"Forza Della Donna" collection reflects WABISABI's commitment to strong and authentic women. With this collection, every woman can celebrate her self-belief and power, explore the hero within, and shine with self-love every day.


Sopra Le Nuvole


The Wabi Sabi team, considering the importance of comfort and elegance for women, decided to design a collection that allows them to express themselves in a natural sophistication. At the core of this collection, Pudifik coats and soft fabrics were incorporated, resulting in a perfect fusion of comfort and style.

Each piece of the collection was designed as an expression of inner serenity. Embracing the beauty of imperfections, inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, which celebrates natural flaws and the marks of time, this collection carries the same spirit.

The "Sopra Le Nuvole" collection was created drawing inspiration from nature. The color palette of the collection was designed with serene tones of winter in mind. Soft greys, pastel hues, and natural earthy colors were carefully selected to infuse warmth and tranquility into the collection. The materials used were meticulously chosen from premium fabrics that offer both comfort and durability.

Every garment was designed to allow women to express their unique style. Minimalist cuts, gentle lines, and simplicity in details were the foundational principles of the collection. Each piece was crafted to provide a perfect fit, keeping women warm and ensuring they feel comfortable.

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