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Get to Know Us

Wabi Sabi is a textile brand founded by Sena Malkoç Bayraktar in 2019. Sena Malkoç Bayraktar turned her passion for fashion into a career by establishing the Wabi Sabi brand. After completing her education, she decided to take a step forward and began designing timeless pieces for women.

Wabi Sabi is a pioneer of minimalist and sophisticated designs. We embody the fundamental philosophy of our brand, which is to "move away from perfectionism and embrace imperfections in beauty." With Wabi Sabi, we showcase an extraordinary stance in the fashion world by seamlessly combining natural and timeless elegance.

However, for us, it's not only about style and aesthetics; sustainability is also our highest priority. We believe that the fashion industry should protect nature and the environment rather than causing harm, leaving a beautiful world for future generations. Therefore, as the Wabi Sabi brand, we embrace sustainability principles in all our processes. We use eco-friendly materials, follow ethical production practices, and implement innovative methods to minimize waste.

Wabi Sabi is a globally renowned brand chosen by luxury shopping platforms such as Beymen, Wolf & Bader (London), and others. All our collections are designed and produced with high-quality fabrics and fine craftsmanship at the Wabi Sabi workshop in Ankara, Turkey.

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